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My Approach

After working in health and wellness for over 14 years, with an interest in integration, work life balance is the key to my methodology.

We are often bombarded by information, on this lifestyle, this fitness trend, this diet, and this way of living. The fact is throughout my experience which has involved, creating retreats, designing & consulting health and wellness programs for large international companies, workshops, events, 1:1 coaching and lets not forget my own practice.


I came to the conclusion, we are all unique individuals, with unique lives, tendency and environments where we feel comfortable, so lets integrate, make a balance and live our lives lightly being true to our nature,

My coaching approach is using a co-active and systemic methodology. Together we find new ways to approach to your topic and, most importantly, develop a broader and deeper set of capabilities in the process, understanding the individuality of us as humans each client.


This means that I work with you as as an independent human being, on your own and in connection with others as well as in connection to your environment. Support you in the development of your entirety of competencies. These encompass your Environment, Purpose and Self social.

Being co-active grows you as through conversation, actions, and awareness becoming aware of the impact you have.


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