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Create mental space
Room to breathe

Grow your self awareness

Integrate a healthy lifestyle

Align with your purpose and values


About Me:

I coach with a systemic and holistic approach,  focusing on finding your clarity, cultivation and long term happiness.


'The capacity to be grounded and fully present while not getting in the way is the foundation of coaching. Coach presence comes from maturity as a person, as a boundaried adult with wide personal and professional experience who is continuously working on themselves.'

I have over 15 years experience in the health sector which includes: delivering talks, workshops and events to local and global businesses. 

My main goal is to help you, ​connect to yourself and a meaningful life.


Coaching for your:

Self Awareness

Grow your self awareness, gain clarity better understand yourself and the patterns of your behaviors.

Purpose and Values

Aligning your purpose and values, finding a healthy integration of you social, work and self.

Healthy balanced lifestyle

Integrating a healthy lifestyle. Finding and evolving your personal contentment.

What people say:

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